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Meet The Team!

We are a nonprofit organization that supports oneness and unconditional love.
We see the divine aspect in every single human being as an expression of their true nature.
We are here to assist those in need in any way possible while at the same time, providing counseling so that one day the needy can stand tall on their feet and help others.

Our committed endeavor seeks to lend a helping hand and support through love and compassion to those who are less fortunate and face hardship.
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Like most of the ones that have had the privilege to get to know him personally, Israel Kelly refers to himself as "Izzy." Israel is the Founder of Oneness Project Light -- a nonprofit organization that has helped many around the globe. Izzy is a humbled supporter of everyone looking to enhance and move their life into a more joyful experience. His purpose is to help people like you experience a whole new YOU by sharing straightforward principles.

It is about equipping and encouraging you along a pathway to wholeness – in spirit, mind, and body - to have a better and abundant life.

Israel is a man endeavouring to live the spiritual life he has always wanted. His embodiment of unconditional love will take you in from the beginning and lead you to a free and happier YOU!

What we believe, what we think, and how we behave affects each component of our life. Greater wholeness can be achieved when we integrate a spirit, mind, and body approach to managing the stress in our lives.  WeR1!

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Patti McAleenan has been with the team since it was formed. She is an honored and active board member of Oneness Project Light nonprofit organization. Patti brings a positive attitude, leadership, organizational skills, and, most importantly, her desire to help others who are struggling no matter their situation. It is through her own life experiences that Patti can assist those struggling. Patti is certified in many different areas.  She gives motivational talks, works privately with clients, teaches, mentors, and gives of herself. Patti has been an on-air talent along with hosting a TV show on the Awake TV Network. Patti is a business owner and gives freely to many organizations and causes, including domestic violence centers, cancer centers, food banks, and children's hospitals.
Patti has lived in Queens, NY, Northern NJ, Anchorage AK, and now resides in Orlando, FL.


Michelle Kandell sits on the board of directors for Oneness Project Light, Inc. Nonprofit. She is a certified life coach with a passion for meeting others exactly where they are at. Through intimate knowing of her own first-hand experiences and a desire to understand others, she makes an impact at the level of the heart.

Michelle's greatest desire is to reveal to others the love that they innately are.

Encouragement, support, compassion, clarity, determination, and humility are the cornerstones of her leadership. She has a passion for writing and often adds a poetic and intimate touch to her work, causing a feeling of connection with the reader that invites them to a deeper part of themselves.

Michelle is located in Northern Indiana in the United States and feels privileged to support the Midwest.


Jacqueline Taylor sits on the board of directors for Oneness Project Light, Inc. Nonprofit. Jacqueline is wise beyond her years lighthearted genuine and authentic as an entrepreneur in this vast absolute reality of life itself.  Jacqueline has experienced an extensive understanding of the multiverse within each of us on a metaphysical basis - life within all. Jacqueline is a pioneer in this journey of evolutionary times of eternal love for all with oneness in all things. Jacqueline's passion is to guide and assist individuals and families, in their community and globally on their path by uplifting, forging, and inspiring them as the remarkable remembrance of the true nature that is. Allow the true personality to shine throughout life, creating harmony with heart coherence. Jacqueline is enthusiastic about unconditional love for oneself and others enough to have the best lifestyle and opportunities for the most magnificent life ever today in the now moments we are here Co-Creating as One! Designing the New Earth templates globally on the heroine's/hero's journey. Jacqueline resides in the Niagara Region, Canada spiritually cultivating kindness with unconditional love locally and globally.


Iris Ulrich is one of our members on the board of directors for Oneness Project Light, Inc. Nonprofit. Because of her own past struggles, especially with health, she is inspired to help and lead others. Iris has found much emotional, mental, and physical restoration and now helps others to do the same, while providing a compassionate personal understanding through first-hand experience.

Iris is able to assist in the English and German languages, is located in the beautiful country of Switzerland, and is glad to serve as part of our European outreach.


Pam Chapman MSW 

Pam Chapman has worked in the field of mental health for 35 years. She began as a Program Director for a nonprofit then moved on to Clinical Social Work.  Her specialties included child and adult trauma, sexual abuse and eating disorders. In her tenure as a licensed clinical social worker, her work experiences involved mental health experiences in county, nonprofit, university, EAP and private practice.  She was also involved in state and county planning boards working to improve the quality of care for those receiving services. 

Additionally, she brought her experiences from the study of yoga and meditation, Reiki, and energy work which included a vast array of modalities such as crystal, sound and vibration. Because of Pam’s experiences she understands human emotions at the deepest level and that by mastering of self, it will be known and understood that one is in oneness with the entire universe.


Natalie Evans sits on the board of directors for Oneness Project Light, Inc. She is a majestic healer, working to provide others with a better experience through their trust.

Natalie understands personally the hardships that life can pose and has a compassion for others that causes her to relate to all. Natalie loves art & automatic writing with magnificent creations of drawings, painting her whole life.

Natalie is located in Ontario, Canada and feels privileged to serve as part of our global outreach.

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