Our mission is to bring Humanity together as one, as the earth's climate is drastically changing and we need to be prepared for what lies ahead. Similar historic climate changes took place between 1645 and 1715, and we are now due for another water cycle that will reach its peak in 10 to 15 years. With the help of scientists and researchers, we can assist others in educating with an action plan. This includes wireless electricity, water purification, growing food under harsh conditions, and transportation.  As we practice oneness, we have the urgency to raise awareness among humans. To either choose of their free will to experience the turmoil of confusion or the glorious sense of knowing and togetherness.  Not the choice of separation and fear but the one to unite as one with unconditional love.  We come to you with a humble proposal of spreading awareness and providing guidance; this expansion is here for all who allow. Through donation and research, the Oneness Project Light Foundation will be able to provide funds for tools to alleviate and cushion these future events.

As Humanity practices Oneness, The Knowing has great desire and urgency to raise the awareness and educate mankind of the current water cycle.

Our planet, Gaia has begun to cleanse her once again.  There will be turmoil, confusion, and great losses as we have begun to see.  We at project Oneness Light Foundation along with the assistance of top scientists, engineers and educators humbly offer you our assistance with gratitude and love.

We shall practice Oneness and unite Humanity with unconditional love for those who choose free will to remove fear and separations so that we may evolve united as one.

Consider watching the material presented on this page to understand better the natural cycle’s planet Earth goes through and raise self-awareness to be prepared for the undeniable upcoming events.

The following links are a selection of informative videos from many independent scientists and well-respected sources intended to raise awareness globally moving away from fear while promoting proactive actions to cushion the next earth cycle changes that will be taking place in the future. Watch for your consideration