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Oneness Project Light, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that works with communities around the world to improve child nutrition; the essential needs of women and the elderly; and the care of the Earth with the intention of giving people the power to get out of the darkness of poverty. We do not leave anyone behind as we advance through the embodiment of oneness and unconditional love.

In oneness, we stand committed to the sponsoring of unity, prosperity, and a safe and healthy environment among all humans. Our endeavor and dedication are oriented to the betterment of the human rising through the expansion of human consciousness.  We work tirelessly for our children, grandchildren, and future generations. Our goal is to create the tomorrow of our dreams which is achievable through unity and unconditional love.

Your donations and contributions are used to maintain the cause of Oneness and help those with high needs around the world.

With your help, we were able to assist.

With your help, we were able to assist. 

Yamasa is a very poor community back in the Dominican Republic going through every struggle possible which is affecting the wellbeing of kids and elders. We have been blessed with so much and is now time to payback and forward to return a smile in the faces of those little kids suffering from difficulties while the freshness of childhood is still blooming. We have created a campaign through donations to help this communicate to alleviate their immediate needs which include and not limited to clothing, school supplies, food for children and elders. We are counting with your support to make this possible while at the same time express our gratitude for those move by the kindness of their loving heart 

With your help, we were able to assist. 

17 years old autistic teenager in an ICU is needing our help. The last thing a parent, enduring an experience such as this one need, is to worry about funds. we appeal to your kind heart because of you we are able to help.

With  your help, we were able to assist.

Uganda orphanage 

Children of God 


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