Oneness Mission

Oneness Project Light, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that works with communities worldwide to improve child nutrition, the essential needs of women and the elderly, and the Earth's care.
We intend to give people the power to get out of the darkness of poverty without leaving anyone behind as we advance through the embodiment of oneness and unconditional love.  In oneness, we stand committed to sponsoring unity, prosperity, health, and a safe environment for all humans.
Our endeavor and dedication are oriented to the support and betterment of human life.  We work tirelessly for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.  
Our goal is to create the tomorrow of our dreams, which is achievable through unity and unconditional love.
Your donations and contributions are used to maintain oneness and help those with high needs worldwide.

Thanks to the church "Salt of the Earth Ministries" that helps me to do my weekly rounds to feed the homeless. More than 20 families are assisted by their kindness from our end. I am grateful WeR1 Because of you, we are able to help.