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Where did we come from? What are we doing here? Are we alone in the universe? Where can we get those answer?

This book is about an inner dialogue that started when I was a child and has led me to the answers within. You might relate to my story of struggles and pain that most humans go through in the process of remembering who they really are.

My Master Sandal's is a series of books on the road to enlightenment. It reveals the interactions to which all people have access.

This book is a co-creative experience written by two friends totally in-tune with the voice within.

My Master Sandal's captivates the reader by connecting with their intuition and calls them forward in their journeys. It inspires others to their potential and reminds them of the desires within their hearts, leading the reader back to a place of recognizing we are all one.



In this world in which we live, where dreams and fantasies exist, one of the many nights in which I spent building images that became my most faithful companions, this whole story of action, drama and suspense was born with them. Everything revolves in one place, where each of the protagonists plays winner, each with a Plan to follow, different situations, different motives. A Bar is the place, where history will begin for some and end for others. Live each of these in a fascinating novel full of adrenaline, love and hate. We all have a Plan in life, many are fulfilled, some are not.