Tanzanite Aura ..known as Tanzan Aura is truly the key to opening the doors yet to be opened by many. Tanzine Aura, aka Indigo Aura, is a beautiful stone of the Indigo Ray with energy vibrations of a very high level of spiritual awareness. It is actually one of the most powerful crystals to aid development of one's latent psychic abilities.

Tanzine aura quartz is a beautiful gem of the Indigo/Blue Ray. Resonating with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, tanzine aura quartz facilitates clear thinking, aids memory, and is one of the most powerful crystals to develop dormant psychic abilities. Tanzine aura quartz is similar in chemistry to angel aura quartz with the addition of indium, gold and niobium, which lend to its violet/indigo blue color. These elements, on top of quartz, make for an intensely vibrational experience – one that enhances connection to Spirit and holds the ability to activate all of the mind’s centers, so that they may work in harmony.

Tanzine aura quartz can assist in opening the Blue Pearl, or Nila Bindu, the tiny point in the Crown Chakra that is a seed of consciousness or the Higher Soul. The Blue Pearl can be activated through meditation and in yoga, through postures that focus on the Crown Chakra. The Blue Pearl consciousness is regarded as the jewel of enlightenment and one’s true inner nature. Tanzine aura quartz can facilitate this awakening and connection to the Blue Pearl, providing a pathway for spiritual guidance and strengthening of the Higher senses to occur. Use your tanzine aura crystal during meditation to facilitate connection to and communication from the Higher Dimensions. Allow the energy of this treasure to draw you more deeply into the true nature of you. Memory Wire Cuff Style Fits 6 1/2” to 7 1/2” wrists Larger sizes available upon request

Tanzanite Aura Quartz Bracelet


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