We are a nonprofit organization that supports oneness and unconditional love.
We see the divine aspect in every single human being as an expression of their true nature.
We are here to assist those in need in any way possible while at the same time, we provide counseling so one day the needed can stand tall on their feet and help others.
Our committed endeavor seeks to lend a helping hand and support through love and compassion to those who are less fortunate and face hardship.
We are delighted that you have visited our page to learn more about our work or accept our helping hands.
One of us is all of us. We are one














Mario Arturo Ramos sits on the board of directors for Oneness Project Light. He has co-written a selection of books encouraging and impacting people worldwide. Mario was born in the historic city of Lima, Peru, and has resided in the United States for most of his adult life. Mario brings wisdom to humanity via writing; he applies everyday life concepts that inspire others' creativity and joy. We are delighted to have such an exponent of love and unity among us. He now works as a hypnotherapist and life coach.

Patti McAleenan has been with the team since it was formed. She is an honored and active board member of Oneness Project Light nonprofit organization. Patti brings a positive attitude, leadership, organizational skills, and, most importantly, her desire to help others who are struggling no matter their situation. It is through her own life experiences that Patti can assist those struggling. Patti is certified in many different areas.  She gives motivational talks, works privately with clients, teaches, mentors, and gives of herself. Patti has been an on-air talent along with hosting a TV show on the Awake TV Network. Patti is a business owner and gives freely to many organizations and causes, including domestic violence centers, cancer centers, food banks, and children's hospitals.
Patti has lived in Queens, NY, Northern NJ, Anchorage AK, and now resides in Orlando, FL.


Michelle Kandell sits on the board of directors for the Oneness Project Light nonprofit organization. She is a writer and certified life coach who has worked with others to demonstrate how it is possible to have an improved quality of life. Being inspired by her challenging life circumstances has caused her to develop a deep feeling of connection with others. Leading others to joy, happiness, and tranquility, even in the most challenging cases, is what she practices via written material, one-on-one sessions, and donations. In a group setting, she has demonstrated and spoken about how her life has transformed through love. She brings a personal touch to her work that helps others know they are not alone and are always loved.
Michelle is located in northern Indiana and is overjoyed to be of assistance in the Midwest.

Karen Littlefield is a passionate leader in the field of early care and education. She is skilled in servant leadership, building relationships and collaborative partnerships utilizing effective strategies to meet intended goals.  Her professional endeavors have had a tremendous impact on children, families, and educators across the country.  As a Transformational Life Coach, she embraces her divine calling to assist others in their life’s journey. She is a beacon of light as an eternal optimist who truly believes in the power of love and intention.  In her philanthropic endeavors, Karen has been a volunteer with the Girl Scouts of America, Ronald McDonald House, and the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Born and raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts,  Mrs. Littlefield represents Oneness Project Light in Southern California.

On the surface, Latoria Jones is an accomplished Fire Lieutenant with a local fire department. She has 21 years of experience providing emergency medical care to the sick and injured, along with various firefighting duties. 
She reflects a pleasing personality with ambition and holds the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. She loves people and goes out of her way to help or be of service to others. Her favorite quote by which she patterns her life is, "The purpose of human life is to serve, show compassion and the will to help others." Through her passion for helping people, she makes a difference. Latoria also founded a nonprofit organization that inspires and guides females and partners with others to make a difference with greater outreach.

Karin Zimmerman has been an integral part of Oneness Project Light for the past four years, training and connecting individuals to their core to provide stability and love within themselves. At the age of 29, she started her metaphysics study. It has since been completed and is utilized in practice as a holistic life coach with much success. Karin loves people and is well known for her personal and kind way of working.
Karin resides in the Netherlands and is a beautiful part of our global outreach in Europe.

Eva Zambo works as a flower designer, creating beautiful and memorable experiences for many. She has been a member of the Oneness Project Light non-profit organization since March 2020. Eva's past struggles have helped her gain compassion and love for people, desiring to understand them and their needs on a personal level. She encourages people to achieve their goals by walking alongside them as a heartfelt companion. For many years she has helped raise money for single mothers needing assistance to feed their children and uses her skills and passion for creating food to provide for those in need.
Eva resides in Toronto, Canada, and is excited to be an extension and outreach point, spreading love wherever she goes.


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