Millions of kindred spirits around the world are following their own spiritual paths and searching for an interpretation of truth that will be meaningful to them in their personal growth and development.


We hold the vision of a worldwide, virtual spiritual community that will unite the energies of millions of people.  This unity connects us in ways that allows us all to share and discuss experiences while being inspired by all existing teachings.


The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating a new YOU.


Seek not to find out who you are; seek to determine who you want to be and just BE!










I have learned during my life experience that trusting in oneself is the key to enjoy a healthy and conscious life out of the boundaries superimposed since childhood.
It is during those years of which some of us endure the worse criticism that later we come to realize we are working against ourselves when we come to finally realize to be the creators of our own reality and by observing our own negative thoughts without identifying with them while staying in the present movement we can transcend the finite mind and liberate ourselves of the limitations by-product of the human beliefs and perception we have been exposed to. I invite everyone gone through any form of struggle to see the example not only mine but many others that now enjoy a fruitful life. My name is Elizabeth Richter and I understand the contrast some humans are submerged to because I was once in their shoes. I am a professional life coach and is for me a delightful privilege to offer to anyone interested the opportunity to explore together ultimate potentiality through a life analysis session in which we can discuss venues of enhancement that will lead to the creation of the life of anyone’s dreams.

Patti has been very intuitive her whole life and always tried to listen to that inner voice inside, which we all have.  Patti truly believes that everything we go through in our life is all for a reason.  It is through those times of despair we truly become aware.  We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. 

Patti is clairaudient, which allows her to hear the messages she needs to deliver.  As Patti deepens her spiritual journey more gifts from the Divine are being revealed to her. 

Patti is certified in the following areas:

Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Angelic Medium and a Reiki Practitioner. 

Patti is also honored to be a Council Team Member of the

“Oneness Project Light”.

Patti believes part of her life purpose is to help those beginning their spiritual journey and to bring laughter, love, light, healing and to teach others to walk each day with their Spiritual Team. In a state of Awareness. 

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, sad, lost and just need someone to help you smile, Patti is the person to spend some time with. We can guarantee a little time spent with Patti will brighten your day!  You can read and hear more about Patti’s journey. at

Meet Mario Arturo Ramos, sit on the board of directors of OPL and co-write a selection of books written by inspiration of the magical consciousness inside. Mario was born in the historic city of Lima Peru and has resided in the United States for most of his adult life. Mario Arturo brings ancestral wisdom by expressing himself in very complex and unknown written words by many of those who decide to participate in the expansion of human consciousness by applying concepts of everyday life that inspire creativity and make the human experience flow with a touch of joyful excellence. We are delighted to have such an exponent of love and unity among us.


My name is Michelle Kandell. I am one of the council members of the oneness ascension team. As a human, I have dealt with many limitations, difficulties, & obstacles in my life.

But through the spiritual expansion process of allowing awareness & realizing my connection to God, I have been able to release these things to live in joy.


I have grown in my gifts and services, which include channeling, tarot reading, and oracle reading to formulate spiritual guidance on a personal level.

I operate under the premises of oneness & unconditional love to assist you in understanding who you really are & why you are here. It is a huge blessing & honor to me to assist you in your personal growth.


Please visit my business page by clicking the image if you wish to learn more about my work.

Karen has been an intuitive empath for as long as she can remember.  Her claircognizance is her strongest of the "clairs" where she has a sense of knowingness proving to be most helpful with her life coaching clients.  

Karen holds certifications as an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and is an ordained minister.  She has also studied psychic and intuitive development, mediumship, energy healing, angel oracle cards, music and sound healing. Karen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and a Master of Science degree in Education.  

She works within the principle of unconditional love and oneness as she sees each of us as part of the whole.  It is her sincere desire to be a catalyst and guide for other's in their life's journey.  For more information about Karen's work, you can find her on her website at  


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