Millions of kindred spirits around the world are following their own spiritual paths and searching for an interpretation of truth that will be meaningful to them in their personal growth and development.


We hold the vision of a worldwide, virtual spiritual community that will unite the energies of millions of people.  This unity connects us in ways that allows us all to share and discuss experiences while being inspired by all existing teachings.


The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating a new YOU.


Seek not to find out who you are; seek to determine who you want to be and just BE!










Mario Arturo Ramos sits on the board of directors for Oneness Project Light. He has co-written a selection of books encouraging and impacting people worldwide. Mario was born in the historic city of Lima, Peru, and has resided in the United States for most of his adult life. Mario brings wisdom to humanity via writing; he applies everyday life concepts that inspire others' creativity and joy. We are delighted to have such an exponent of love and unity among us. He now works as a hypnotherapist and life coach.

Elizabeth Richter was born in December of 1971 and is on a board member of Oneness Project Light nonprofit organization. She is a certified life coach and stress management professional. Elizabeth enjoys doing voluntary work, providing extra care for many in need. She has worked with the local Red Cross to assist those with limited mobility, worked with children with special needs via an internship, and enjoys working with animals at local shelters and horse riding schools. Elizabeth has also worked at homeless shelters, volunteering her time generously to cook and serve meals and spend time in conversation, where she listened attentively to those in need. Her caring, flexible, and patient nature allows Elizabeth to help others. She now enjoys organizing trips and activities for lonely older adults several times a week and is a personal companion for many.
Elizabeth is located in The Hague, Netherlands, and is proud to provide overseas assistance through the nonprofit organization.

Patti McAleenan has been with the team since it was formed. She is an honored and active board member of Oneness Project Light nonprofit organization. Patti brings a positive attitude, leadership, organizational skills, and, most importantly, her desire to help others who are struggling no matter their situation. It is through her own life experiences that Patti can assist those struggling. Patti is certified in many different areas.  She gives motivational talks, works privately with clients, teaches, mentors, and gives of herself. Patti has been an on-air talent along with hosting a TV show on the Awake TV Network. Patti is a business owner and gives freely to many organizations and causes, including domestic violence centers, cancer centers, food banks, and children's hospitals.
Patti has lived in Queens, NY, Northern NJ, Anchorage AK, and now resides in Orlando, FL.


Michelle Kandell sits on the board of directors for the Oneness Project Light nonprofit organization. She is a writer and certified life coach who has worked with others to demonstrate how it is possible to have an improved quality of life. Being inspired by her challenging life circumstances has caused her to develop a deep feeling of connection with others. Leading others to joy, happiness, and tranquility, even in the most challenging cases, is what she practices via written material, one-on-one sessions, and donations. In a group setting, she has demonstrated and spoken about how her life has transformed through love. She brings a personal touch to her work that helps others know they are not alone and are always loved.
Michelle is located in northern Indiana and is overjoyed to be of assistance in the Midwest.

Karen Littlefield is a seasoned, nonprofit professional who brings a wealth of knowledge to the Oneness Project Light, Board of Directors.  In addition, Mrs. Littlefield is a passionate leader in the field of early care and education. She is skilled in servant leadership and collaborative partnerships utilizing innovative and effective strategies to meet intended goals.  Her professional endeavors have had a tremendous impact on children and families as well as educators.  Karen leads with a sense of compassion and purpose that enables her to be a fantastic facilitator within the scope of her work.  As a visionary leader, she can often be seen with a big smile of determination as she incorporates an innovative, "out of the box" approach to get a project completed. 

Mrs. Littlefield holds a Bachelors of Art in Music and a Masters of Science in Education.  Putting theory into practice, she builds upon her foundational knowledge to provide the best services possible to assist others to live their best life.  In her philanthropic endeavors, Karen has been a volunteer with the Girl Scouts of America, Ronald McDonald House and the Shriner's Hospitals for Children.  In addition, she has participated in fund development for several organizations including The  Adam Walsh Children's Fund for missing children as well as the Women Helping Women organization for empowering employment success.  In her servitude, Karen approaches each day with compassion, enthusiasm and dedication.  


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